The application below allows to determine the design parameters of your compound refractive lens. It is restricted to computations involving a single type of individual lenses. Please make sure to choose an x-ray energy which does not lie too close to the K-edge of the specified lens material.

Please move the cursor onto the labels to obtain more detailed information. For an explanation of the lens parameters please refer to the section “Types of refractive x-ray lenses” on this page.

Caution: We do not guarantee that the computed values are exactly reflecting experimental reality. The computations are based on analytical expressions assuming ideal parabolic lenses. The values achievable in experiments might deviate from the above due to imperfections of the lenses. Furthermore, as always, the software might not be 100% free of bugs (no bug is known, however).

The calculations are based on Lengeler et al. (1999): Imaging by parabolic refractive lenses in the hard x-ray range and Schroer (2003): Hard x-ray microscopy and microanalysis with refractive x-ray lenses (for the thick lens formulae). The mass attenuation coefficients are taken from NIST.