The application below allows to perform basic calculations concerning compound refractive lenses (CRL) from RXOPTICS involving a single type of individual lenses. Please move the cursor on the labels to obtain more detailed information. For the photon energy, please enter a value between 2 and 70 keV for beryllium and between 8 and 150 keV for aluminium.

Caution: The application is based on analytical expressions assuming ideal parabolic lenses. The values achievable in experiments might deviate from the above due to imperfections of the lenses. For instance, for beryllium 1D lenses the usable aperture might be smaller than the computed geometric and effective apertures; cf. the specifications of our lenses.

The application is primarily based on the article "B. Lengeler et al., Imaging by parabolic refractive lenses in the hard x-ray range". It additionally uses the thick lens formulae from the habilitation thesis "C. Schroer, Hard x-ray microscopy and microanalysis with refractive x-ray lenses". The mass attenuation coefficients are taken from NIST.